Parenting is an inner game.
It's not just what you do as a parent, but who you are as you parent, that makes the difference.

Hi! I'm Dr Miriam Sekandi

Parenting & Lifestyle Coach
Author, Speaker, Consultant

Welcome to my space! I have been called so many things including “jack of all Trades and Master of none!” But I am a multi-passionate whose ultimate desire is to see every human on this planet, thrive at their full potential!

I am a widely experienced educator who has mentored individuals and families, conscious thought leaders, and visionaries across the globe, both online and offline to up-level their self work and parenting style.

With my Conscious Parenting Approach, I have supported my clients with strategies, tools and the mindset to achieve:

  • Stress-free parenting with no yelling or throwing tantrums;
  • Healthy and positive relationships with children;
  • Peaceful home filled with laughter and happiness;
  • Cooperative and compliant children who listen, don’t talk back and help out around the house;
  • Safe, secure and healthy environments for their children;
  • Healthy and age appropriate communication with their children;
  • Getting on the same page with their co-parents;
  • Creating beautiful memories with their children;
  • Being in control of their emotions when things do not go as expected;
  • Knowing how to provide structure and warmth for their children;
  • Break family trauma patterns and cycles;
  • Being present with their children in this age of technology noise;
  • Manage children and technology;
  • Intercultural parenting

This Conscious Parenting Approach ensures that your child feels a sense of safety, security and belonging and recognize that you actually care for them. Their behaviour will depend on how safe and grounded they feel around you. 

My Approach

When you invite me into your life, I guide you through a complete audit of your life and parenting practices, personal exploration, excavation exercises, as well as your children’s responses to your parenting, and together we co-create lasting solutions.

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