It's not just about how you parent,
but who you are as you do it.
The work starts within.

Hi! I'm Dr Miriam Sekandi

Life Educator, Author, Consultant

As a widely experienced educator and facilitator, who has worked with families, conscious thought leaders, visionaries, and organizations across the globe, I am here to show you how socio-cultural programming and conditioning affects you and your family. 

As parents, we carry with us inherited family traits and traumas. More is passed onto us, through the socialization process into this world. We then develop conditioning which manifests as normalized behavioural patterns. Until we confront the chaos flowing in our energy bodies, we often respond to life’s challenges from this conditioned place.

In my work with parents, I not only share parenting tools and tips. I lead you through a process of personal exploration, self excavation and mastery first. Together, honour your inner child and help him/her/them move from a wounded place to a healed place. Once we have your own inner child taken care of, then I support you with how you respond to your children’s needs. 

This approach ensures that your children feel a sense of belonging and recognize that you actually care for them. Their behaviour is going to depend on how safe they feel around you. Most negative behaviours arise on how unsafe our children feel around us. A safe child will not be in flight or flight mode, and will be more cooperative. It takes a healed parent to raise a healed, whole, safe and cooperative child. 

My Approach

When you invite me into your life, I guide you through a complete audit of your life and parenting practices, personal exploration, excavation exercises and then together we co-create custom solutions to your challenges. 

What my clients say

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Allow me to take you on a magical transformational journey of self discovery, healing and manifestation. From a life of fear, uncertainty, deep-seated subconscious blocks, and misalignment, to a balanced life of purpose, focus, happiness, and freedom.

I call it, ‘the Path Of Least Resistance’

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