Self-Empowerment through Spiritual Coaching, Holistic Healing and Energy Mastery

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Let’s be honest:

  • You feel that something is missing from your life; 
  • You sometimes feel empty, as if a piece of your soul is missing, other times you feel scattered;
  • Despite all you’ve accomplished and the success you’re being celebrated for, you don’t feel seen;
  • You know you should be happy with your life, success and status but you are not! You feel like a fraud! 
  • Everybody envies you but you are afraid they will denounce you when they find out the truth about how you feel;
  • You are afraid of being judged, of disappointing your clients, fans, family and friends if they found out the real truth about you;
  • You know that you should be happy but you are not; 
  • Something inside of you feels broken and needs to be fixed, but you cannot put a finger on it;
  • You wake up feeling sweaty, restless and panicky. Your soul calls out to be rescued, you don’t know where to turn;. 

Let me assure you, what you feel inside is real. Our past experiences, traumatic or or not, leave an imprint on our subconscious mind whether we remember them or not, leave an imprint in our subconscious mind. It is possible to uncover, heal and break free from subconscious thoughts that are holding you down, so you can finally feel deserving of your fame, power and energy. And you get to invite in even more success and abundance with this transformed new you! 

I’m Dr. Miriam Sekandi. My mission is to support your journey to liberation. You are invited to break free from the shackles of your past trauma, pain and programming. I am called to empower you to access your inner super powers, that will propel you to command bigger stages without being held back from showing up as your true, powerful, magnificent, kick ass self, so that you can reclaim your throne at the centre of your life.

You know, hackles and handcuffs are only fun when you willingly put them on…kinda like in the big motion pictures. 

Using a unique holistic deprogramming healing process that uses incident revelation, retrieval and extraction, I help my clients break free from the root of their trauma, pain and programming, overcome generational fears and energetic blocks that may come up as they are transformed through the pleasure and pain of reclaiming their inner personal power. 

The result?

  • You are renewed, rejuvenated, energized and unstoppable, and do not need to fake it to make it; 
  • You feel invincible and lighter pursue your goals with courage and zeal to conquer fear;
  • You have a deeper self-belief and utmost certainty that propels you to do anything you put your mind to;
  • You make soul-aligned decisions without feeling the need to control or being swayed by the opinion of others; 
  • You exude a brilliant, bright and positive energy, that will attract only the right people in your field of influence; 
  • You attract the most high vibe, aligned and blissful relationships that will awaken every cell of your body;
  • You manifest bigger assignments and stages that are beyond what you have dreamed about;
  • You easily convert negative judgments and opinions into fuel to pursue your dreams and goals; 
  • You take full responsibility and accountability for your life 
  • You feel damn good about new super powers and know how to leverage them to have the life you desire!

Most importantly, you do not have to hide anymore, you fully own who you are and what your super powers are, your mission, purpose and plan for your life and legacy is crystal clear, and your stardom is unstoppable.

It is time to heal your past, to unshackle yourself from what is stopping you from reaching for your greatness,  to harness your super powers, step into your superstardom and take back control of your life! Break Free Now!!!

Your Transformation begins here

Allow me to take you on a magical transformational journey of self discovery, healing and manifestation. From a life of fear, uncertainty, deep-seated subconscious blocks, and misalignment, to a balanced life of purpose, focus, happiness, and freedom

I call it, 'the Path Of Least Resistance'