I am Dr. Miriam Sekandi

Your Self-Empowerment Coach &
Holistic Energy Healer

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Re-set your life, Re-ignite your inner fire, re-claim your purpose

Are you struggling with burn out? Stress? Anxiety? Overwhelm? Depression? Do you feel that despite all of this, there is more to you than how you are able to show up? Maybe you show up at work, home and in public but the everyday pressures and never ending rat race seems to have taken over your life. You wonder when all this will come to an end! You have spent all your life, following the rules set up by society, culture, sometimes religion. You’ve been told how to behave, who to love, how to act professionally even when you are burning out on the inside, basically how to act like everything is okay when its not! You are done with putting on an act. Its time for the curtain call. 

The thought of living a balanced life requires making changes in your lifestyle, and that scares you shitless! You have no idea what lies beyond the changes you would like to make! You dot know how this will affect your career, relationships and health. Trust me. I was always scared of making changes to my life. It took me a while, but I eventually learned that the only way to know what is on the other side is to get to the other side. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Yet it took me years to take that first step. I know that you have contemplated taking that step too. You are ready to live life by your rules without losing everything. You can actually balance your obligations with your desires! 

It is time to pay attention to that deep longing and show up in a bigger and more powerful way than you have been doing. It is time to pay attention to your life as as part of the bigger picture. It is time to honor that gentle nudge and step out onto the bigger world stage. It is time to own your true power and free yourself from the rules that have stifled your for so long. No matter where you are, YOU ARE READY! And this right here is your creative lab, where you can redesign your life, map out a new path, claim your destiny and decide how you are going to show up in the world! All this, while leveraging a work-life balance.

As a Self-Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer, I will hold space for you, and provide you with tools to get you past overwhelm, frustration, burn out and stress to a place of bliss, happiness, ecstasy and freedom.

As your guide, I will take you on a magical transformational journey of self discovery, healing and manifestation.

from a life of fear, uncertainty, deep-seated subconscious blocks, and misalignment to a balanced life of purpose, focus, happiness, and freedom.

I call it, 'the Path Of Least Resistance'

  • IGNITE your inner personal power and light, 
  • UNSHACKLE yourself from limiting beliefs
  • UNMASK yourself from the role of an actor 
  • RELEASE old belief systems that keep you in an emotional prison,
  • UPGRADE your clarity, focus, self love, and self worth,
  • DEVELOP the grit, strength, courage and power to PURSUE your life purpose in a meaningful way, 
  • DISCOVER the tools to a stress-free balanced life 
  • CREATE the rules you need to run your life
  • RECONNECT with your divinely assigned gifts and share them with the world.

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