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I am Dr. Miriam Sekandi

Holistic Energy Healer & VisionaryCoach,
Multi-channeling Seer & Earth Guide

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For many people, finding that spark within themselves is a tough step that they do not want to take. Not because they just don’t care, but because digging deeper gets them to remember how they lost their way. This journey to themselves brings back painful memories, and most people choose numbness instead of feeling. They have learned to convince themselves that ignoring those feelings will make them go away. All because these beautiful souls do not know how else to cope!

If you have made it this far on my page, you know its by divine guidance. You know that deep within you there is more that what is showing up in the world. You know you have gifts that the world is waiting for, yet you are uncertain how to develop those gifts and present them to the world for the highest good. You feel the nudge but something on the inside seems to be sabotaging your desires and efforts. You may feel overwhelmed by emotions such as guilt, shame, sadness, anger, fear, anxiety and depression. I assure you that you are divinely gifted and more powerful than those emotions bundled together. You have the universal life force within you, and together, we can shift the odds in your favor.  

By working with me, we shall uncover and shed those experiences that do not belong in your life, yet are stopping you from expanding into your higher calling. You will gain the courage to identify and claim your divinely assigned gifts and embrace your authenticity. Self judgment and blame will become a thing of the past, transmuted into self love, self worth and deservingness. You will then discover your personal freedom and inner power as you experience a wholistic transformation.  Unlock your full potential and life purpose and watch as God and the universe support you on your journey.

As your guide, I will take you on a transformational journey of self discovery, healing and manifestation.

from a life of uncertainty, deep-seated subconscious blocks, and misalignment to one full of purpose, focus, clarity, happiness, and success in your career, relationship & health.

I call it, 'the Path Of Least Resistance'

  • IGNITE your inner personal power and light, uncover what is holding you back from your greatness and break free from its shackles,
  • Learn self HEALING techniques to help you maintain balanced energies, overcome fear, stress, anxiety, 
  • CLEAR your mindset and RELEASE old belief systems and negative feelings that keep you in an emotional prison,
  • ACTIVATE your intuition and the divine tools to channel or connect with your spiritual support team, 
  • UPGRADE your  clarity, focus, self love, self worth, and heal from past trauma, grief, sadness,
  • DEVELOP the grit, strength, courage and power to PURSUE your life purpose in a more meaningful way, 
  • BALANCE your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies for a more purposeful life.
  • EXPLORE daily practices (eg journalling, meditation) that keep you grounded on your spiritual journey.

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IS This You?

  • Have you undergone a major unpleasant life-changing event in your life that has left you in so much pain that you don’t know how to live without the pain?
  • Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, burn-out, insomnia, panic and frustration restlessness or low energy levels? 
  • Do you have a history of trauma, violence, abuse, grief, old beliefs? 
  • Are you feeling stuck, sad, angry, lonely, hopeless and clueless about the next steps to take in your life? 
  • Are you scared of change or unsatisfied with the steps you have taken so far and feel they are leading you to a dead end? 
  • Do you lack clarity and focus on what the future holds for you; Are you looking for a glimmer of hope, or a lifeline to find your life purpose and live to your fullness?