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Dr. Miriam Sekandi

Multi Channeling Seer & Guide
Energy Healer & Intuitive Visionary Coach

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Fear, anger, sadness, depression, shame/guilt, anxiety and stagnation are some of the overwhelming struggles affecting people today. These are evidence of emotional pain from situations that happened in their lives right from childhood. When an individual is repeatedly exposed to various forms of abuse or trauma (such as violence, all forms of abuse, sudden death of a loved one,) they become so dependent on negative feelings that it becomes their normal. These individuals don’t know how else to cope! They bottle up these feelings and sometimes blame themselves for what happened. In other cases, people do not even realize that a past incident is responsible for how they are acting in later years. This is because what happened back the, seemed acceptable, yet it scarred the individual emotionally.

Through working with me I will help get to the root cause of the emotional pain, help you recreate a more positive experience, and provide you with tools to support you through the healing process. You will experience a wholistic transformation that will help you see your ultimate worth and deservingness, increase self love, unlock your full potential and life purpose and bring forth your divinely assigned gifts. 

As your guide, I will take you
on a 360° transformational energy healing journey.

from a life of uncertainty, deep-seated subconscious blocks, and misalignment to one full of purpose, focus, clarity, happiness, and success in your career, relationship & health.

I call it, 'the Path Of Least Resistance'

  • Raise your energy vibrations and create a whole new vibrant life;
  • Learn the divine tools to help you connect with your spiritual support team, activate your intuition and overcome stress, anxiety and low energy levels, 
  • Increase clarity, focus, self love, self worth, 
  • Develop the strength, courage and empowerment to encounter your life’s journey in a more meaningful way, 
  • Learn self healing techniques to help you maintain balanced energies, 
  • Heal from past trauma, grief, sadness and get rid of old belief systems and emotions that keep you in an emotional prison.

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IS This You?

  • Have you undergone a major unpleasant life-changing event in your life that has left you in so much pain that you don’t know how to live without the pain?
  • Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, burn-out, insomnia, panic and frustration restlessness or low energy levels? 
  • Do you have a history of trauma, violence, abuse, grief, old beliefs? 
  • Are you feeling stuck, sad, angry, lonely, hopeless and clueless about the next steps to take in your life? 
  • Are you scared of change or unsatisfied with the steps you have taken so far and feel they are leading you to a dead end? 
  • Do you lack clarity and focus on what the future holds for you; Are you looking for a glimmer of hope, or a lifeline to find your life purpose and live to your fullness?

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