HELLO and WELCOME to the Break Free Zone!!! This is a space dedicated to individuals that are ready to BREAKTHROUGH to a life of GROWTH and EXPANSION in order to ALIGN with their TRUE LIFE PURPOSE and UNLEASH their FULL POTENTIAL. Are you ready to change the trajectory of your life from dissatisfaction,  lack of direction to a targeted world of CLARITY and FOCUS? Do you realize that there is more for you to achieve and give to the world than what you are doing right now? Are you sick and tired of a low energy lifestyle of conforming to society, family and career expectations, and nothing seems to be working? Are you bogged down by chronic pain that is preventing you from being the best version of yourself? Ready to BREAK FREE to a VIBRANT, ABUNDANT and BLISSFUL life full of positive energy? The BREAK FREE ZONE is the right place to be!!!  Contact us to schedule a complimentary break free strategy session on your life goals and how to find happiness, confidence and financial freedom. 

 Dr Miriam N. Sekandi