About Me

Growing up, struggled with fitting in, and being understood. I did not approve of so many things but I couldn’t say much, because children were meant to be seen not heard. That was the start of losing my voice.

I was raised in a patriarchal culture where I was taught right from childhood how to be a perfect wife.  As a woman, I was also expected to dress, speak and behave in a specific way.  My voice had no place. if I tried to speak up, i was seen as disobedient and wayward, and received all sorts of unspeakable physical and emotional punishment.  

I struggled in formal classrooms where we sat for hours on end expected to take in what a teacher said and regurgitate it on an exam. This is not how I learned! I like to process information and use my hands to create things. I was punished heavily if I failed an exam or got low marks and because of this, I hated school. 

I found a few opportunities to speak through my hands including cake making and decorating but I still lacked the confidence that I needed to go big with this. I would always start and stop with new ventures, because I was filled with self doubt and lack of confidence.

I knew there was something bigger than me and I saw it at play when I got a scholarship to pursue graduate school in Canada. I was probably the last person anyone expected to go on to graduate school and later complete my PhD!

Coming to Canada opened me up to many opportunities including using my voice. Even with this permission, I still struggled! There was a huge boulder in my throat that needed to move, my creative source was so blocked, that I could not express myself or complete a project! I struggled to complete both my Masters and PhD theses for the same reason. I thought they were not good enough.

I knew I had lots of potential but I was afraid of failure...and the punishment that could come with it. Even when i first started helping others on their journeys, I was so scared and full of self doubt, that I would again start and stop myself thinking I was a fake! My self talk was not good!

After years of healing, with multiple energy coaches, I was able to uproot the cause of self doubt, lack of self worth, limiting beliefs and negative self talk. I developed my confidence, and slowly by slowly, day by day, I developed daily routines and practiced sacred rituals that became my new normal and helped me reconnect with my true self.

I also got to meet the spiritual team that supports me in this life time, my inner power was ignited, my creativity returned, I stopped worrying about what others thought about me and I broke free from the false cultural programming I was raised with!

Today I have helped hundreds of individuals break free from shackles that were holding them back from their breakthroughs. I have witnessed healing occur in my clients and its a blessing to be a part of their journeys. I wish you the same!

My Mission

To support individuals who are ready to uncover, expand and upgrade their inner personal power through healing; from a life of false societal/ cultural programming dictated by others to a self directed world of self expression, self love, self confidence and freedom. 

Many are controlled by someone else right from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed, how much time they spend with their loved ones, etc. My sacred life mission is also for those who may be successful professionally, but still feel inadequate and unfulfilled at the end of the day. That prestigious job may seem as such, but at night you are tossing and turning and you know, there is more to you than what meets the eye. You feel the nudge to step into your greatness but dont know how or where to start. 

I provide guidance and tools on DISCOVERING the key to your inner self, UNLOCKING the chains holding the inner self captive, HEALING past pain, old habits and struggles, and realizing a HAPPY, ENJOYABLE and FULFILLING life. My clients gain CLARITY of their personal desires, align with their inner PASSION and POWER, harness their TRUE VALUE, and create a PURPOSEFUL and PRODUCTIVE blueprint that TRANSFORMS their destined lives. I pride myself in being a soul accountability partner with my clients. If they do the work, I guarantee personal freedom and healing, 

Love & Light
Dr. Miriam Sekandi