About Me

I did not find myself in the BREAK FREE ZONE by privilege or accident. Like many who may end up here, I had my own struggles and pains that I overcame and was INSPIRED to help others who may be trapped in the same situation as I was.    

I was born and raised in Uganda to middle class parents, who sacrificed to send me and my siblings to the best schools in the country. 

I graduated as a teacher. I spent time in various workforce environments working to build other people’s empires, but deep down I knew I had my own dreams that needed to be realized.

I felt that I had more potential than I was allowed to exercise in the workplace. I felt stunted and stifled, and needed to get out of that situation. I tried many businesses but was afraid of jumping in with both feet because I feared to fail. What if it did not work?

I was desperate and anxious, I procrastinated because it delayed my failure, until I connected with an energy coach who taught me how all I had lay deep inside me. She helped me connect with my true self and transform me through an energy healing course. 

I have now helped hundreds of people undergo massive transformational shifts in their lives through energy healing sessions, life coaching, intuitive vision board workshops, fengshui, and speaking engagements.

I also bless clients through my love for baking and cake decoration.


My Mission

To guide people who are ready to transition out of an ordinary lifestyle that is dictated by others into a self directed world of self expression, healing and financial freedom. Many are hurting because of a fast paced life that has robbed them of happiness, quality time with loved ones, a healthy lifestyle, spiritual connections and brought financial strain. Their lives are controlled by someone one else right from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed.

Using some of the steps I learned over the years, through coaching and from my own experiences, I provide guidance and tools on DISCOVERING the key to one’s inner self, UNLOCKING the chains holding the inner self captive, HEALING past pain, old habits and struggles, and realizing a HAPPY, ENJOYABLE and FULFILLING life. My clients gain CLARITY of their personal desires, align with their inner PASSION and POWER, harness their TRUE VALUE, and create a PURPOSEFUL and PRODUCTIVE blueprint that TRANSFORMS their destined lives.

I thrive in sharing knowledge, and infuse SPIRITUAL/ENERGY HEALING into my teachings. This combination UNBLOCKS any stuff clogging the body, mind and spirit and IGNITES a new fire within. I pride myself in being a SOUL ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER with my clients and if they do the work, I guarantee PERSONAL FREEDOM and HEALING, SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE.

Love & Light
Miriam Sekandi