Dr. Miriam Sekandi is a Ugandan-Canadian Intuitive and Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Educator, and Energy Healer. She guides her audience to identify and uncover blocks and limiting beliefs that have been imposed on them by society, culture, religion, education and other professional expectations.

Dr. Miriam is uniquely gifted as a healer and seer and receives clear revelations of exact incidents that occurred in the lives of her clients and is able to retrieve incidents that a client has consciously or unconsciously suppressed in their subconscious.

Through this incidental revelation and retrieval, Dr Miriam gently guides her clients to their breakthrough by energetically removing blocks that have held them down, and gives them a lifeline to their freedom and access to their limitless abilities. She is particularly drawn to helping individuals who have been socio-culturally incarcerated, to break free from those beliefs that appear so right on the surface but ultimately cause feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, stifling and shackling.

Dr. Miriam’s personal story of overcoming socio-cultural stigma coupled with her intercultural experiences, training and expertise, collectively influence her dedication and speaking on the following areas:

  • Self-Empowerment and Personal Development;
  • Energy Mastery and Healing;
  • Overcoming Socio-Cultural Incarceration;
  • Vision Board Creation and Activation;
  • Positive Discipline Parenting Strategy.

Dr. Miriam is married and has 4 children.