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Dr. Miriam Sekandi

Your Guide to Self-Empowerment, Inner Healing and Ultimate Transformation

About me

You may be stuck in generational socio-cultural programming or conditioning without even knowing it. You were coded to be a certain way with your life’s mission within you right from birth. Your potential is in-built!

However, with the socialization process you were born and raised into, you were taught what to do and what not to do. This meant that some of your inner magic that made you unique was blocked from oozing out into the world, to help you fulfil your mission. Now when you try to live your life on your terms, it feels like an uphill task. 

I know this because I too experienced it, and I have worked with and know so many people who have and are still stuck in this muck! Well I am glad to share that I broke free from those shackles and continue to clear out my energy daily so that I can live fully in my mission. 

This is also why I have chosen to devote my life to working with individuals like you, who are filled with potential, but cannot seem to find the sweet spot, to release that magic. With the help of blending energy work and practical life strategies, I help you to clear out blocks and to interrupt and break core destructive patterns that prevent you from having a clear direction for your life, and fulfilling your life’s mission. I empower you to create new and sustainable energy, build your inner personal power and be more in control of your feelings and emotions.

I work with and help liberate individuals from all walks of life from professionals and corporate executives, to entrepreneurs and home-based buddies. I help them uncover and release negative emotions, feelings and beliefs that prevent them from fulfilling their life’s mission. I share my message and experiences through various forms of social media, trainings and courses, soon to be released books and other products. 

Change occurs when one is willing to confront their feelings and beliefs that keep them stuck in unhelpful patterns, 


My Mission

To help individuals release negative beliefs and interrupt unhelpful patterns, unleash their inner magic and fulfill their earth’s mission. 

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