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Dr. Miriam Sekandi

I am here to inspire, educate, motivate and transform you into the fullest true being you were sent to be on this planet. As an individual, a parent (if it applies), a partner, a leader, a human being and a divine soul.

About me

Did you know that many well-meaning leaders are stuck in socio-cultural programming or conditioning without realizing it?  Well I learned this the hard way.

From teen mom who had no hopes of ever going back to school, raised in a strict fusion of traditional Ugandan and Christian values, to Classroom teacher, University Lecturer, to PhD Holder, and now Wife, Mother of 4, Intercultural Education & Parenting Consultant, Author and Speaker. This story was not predictable.

As a Black person, I was always expected to know about Cultural Diversity. Wrong. Just because someone is Black, Asian, Latino, etc doesn’t mean that that they know. They are part of it, just like our White counterparts. 

Becoming interculturally competent was also a journey for me. It involved a deep reflection on the programming I had been raised with, deconstructing the programming, so that I am now able to recognize it in families, organizations and broader institutional structures. Growing up in Uganda and now living in Canada, as well as connecting with individuals across the world through my online services, have been supportive in this process.

Undergoing this deconstruction has helped me with the way I am parenting my 4 children. 3 of them are adults, but still rely on me for some advice. And the more I do this work, the more they recognize how I am impacting their lives. I also have a beautiful grand daughter who is going to be raised in a culturally competent family. The work I have done with my family, in conjuction with the various parenting facilitation trainings I have undertaken, have equipped me adequately to support parents struggling with raising children generally, and interculturally as well. 

I have undertaken a ton of personal development courses and mentoring, as well as worked in and with various organizations across the world, I notice a deep lack of interculturally competent leaders and visionaries. And I can help! Most conscious thought leaders and visionaries want their work to have impact. They are always looking for ways to grow and expand in all dimensions. Becoming interculturally competent supports this desire and the impact they are looking for.  

My Mission

To help families and organizations overcome socio-cultural conditioning and create culturally inclusive environments.

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