About Me

Growing up, I struggled to fit in with my peers. I felt disconnected from a lot of things around me. In my culture, children were meant to be seen not heard. That was the beginning of losing myself. I lacked space for self expression. Permission had to be granted to speak and a  “wrong” response elicited punishment from the adults.  Any effort to be expressive, was considered to be  disobedient and wayward, and was was met with physical and emotional punishment.  

I somehow managed to express myself through actions that I felt best described me and would make me heard, but were out of alignment with the norm. I hated the system in which I was forced to get an education! The rote learning, the beatings for scoring low grades, the disconnection of the teachers from their students! Nothing in the system recognized the gifts and creativity of the students. Everything was academic. Every student sat a national exam which placed all students on one standard regardless of their abilities and strengths. If you did not meet the minimum requirement, you ended up in lesser recognized institutions and programs. I ended up in one of those! Not because I was not smart, but  just didn’t fit in. I felt that something inside me was being killed!

Well, it all turned out to be a blessing in disguise! I was randomnly selected to attend a Teacher Training Institute. Funny how being a teacher was considered to be one of the lower end programs! This was a blessing for me because I love teaching, I thrive during the process of sharing knowledge and supporting others! This is why doing this kind of work lights me up! As a teacher, educator, guide, mentor, over the years, my philosophy has revolved around wanting to bring out the best in each individual per their ability, whilst drawing on their interests and strengths and reinforcing their weaknesses!



Deep inside, I always knew I had lots of potential but I was afraid of failure...and the punishment that could come with it. I was afraid of stepping into my full power, and draw on my innate gifts. I did not even think that teaching was a gift! I thought I had just learned it. But now I know better! Even when I first started helping others on their journeys, I was riddled with self doubt, and would start and stop myself thinking I was a fake! I didn't trust my intuition. I needed to unshackle myself from that disbelief and giving away my power to others!

After years of energy healing, I was able to uproot the cause of self doubt, lack of self worth, limiting beliefs and negative self talk. I built up my confidence, developed daily routines and rituals that enabled me to reconnect with my true self.

My spiritual team helped to ignite my inner power, my creativity was restored and, I stopped worrying about what others thought about me and I broke free from the false cultural programming I was raised with!

Today I have helped hundreds of individuals unshackle themselves from their limitations and attained their breakthroughs. I have witnessed healing occur and creativity return in my clients' lives. Its a blessing to be a part of their journeys. I wish you the same!

My Mission

To support individuals who are ready to recover, expand and upgrade their inner personal power through healing; from a life of false societal/ cultural programming dictated by others to a self directed world of self expression, self love, self confidence and freedom. 

My sacred life mission is for those who spend their lives being controlled by others’ expectations of them, which ultimately stifles their creativity and ability to live up to their full potential. If you feel inadequate and unfulfilled inside, this is your home. You don’t have to toss and turn all night anymore, wondering when you will finally feel your impact in the world.  There is more to you than what meets the eye. The nudge you feel, is a call to step into your greatness. Let’s get you there! 

I provide you with guidance and tools on DISCOVERING the key to your inner self, UNLOCKING the chains holding the inner self captive, HEALING past pain, old habits and struggles, and realizing a HAPPY, ENJOYABLE and FULFILLING life. You will gain CLARITY of your personal desires, align with your TRUE VALUE, harness your CREATIVITY AND GIFTS, and create a PURPOSEFUL and PRODUCTIVE blueprint to TRANSFORM your life. I pride myself in being a soul accountability partner with you. If you do the work, I guarantee personal freedom and healing, 

Love & Light
Dr. Miriam Sekandi