Aren’t you tired, frustrated and fed up of taking 2 steps forward, 5 steps back. Sometimes feeling like making progress and other times feeling like you have barely started! You go to sleep feeling like seriously, nothing that moves the needle of your life was accomplished. Then wake up with a heaviness in the pit of your stomach knowing that you should be doing something or somehow life should be happening for you today but you cannot put a finger on it?

You pray, you sing, you believe, but … NOTHING! Back to bed feeling hopeless?

I swear that finish line was in sight but somehow it disappeared right before your eyes. Just like a mirage! 

Yet you know its there somewhere. You feel it. But you cannot trace it! You want this bad dream to end and you will be in your dream paradise! Every facet of your life screams at you to DO SOMETHING! Your love life, your money, your health and wellness, your career, your relationships, your personal growth! 


I was doing the most I knew I needed to do. Invested in some great courses from amazing coaches, and seeing great results. But then a few weeks later, I would feel a need for a refill!

I have been there! I would start something to bring my dreams to life, then lose motivation, and eventually sit in a pile of guilt and regret, as the days went by and I didn’t want to touch it.

I knew who, I was, why I was and how I was. Or so I thought. But knowing was not enough! Not even speaking about it. I had no clue where I was. I even started making excuses for procrastination saying, “It’s ok to take some time off!” Off what?

And to be honest, I am gifted. I am a teacher and a healer. I have done healing on people who had unexplained issues and their lives have been transformed. For example, I supported a mom who had trouble conceiving and now she is the mother of a beautiful twin boy and girl. One lady, a nurse had an elbow issue that spread through her entire arm and was starting to threaten her job! In one healing session, over the phone, she was able to regain full control of her arm.

I have also helped people transform their lives through Intuitive Coaching, Self- Empowerment, Vision Board Activations, Feng Shui, Inner Child Healing, Reiki and Blue Ray Healing, as well as delivered messages from loved who have passed through Mediumship. But even with all of these, I still felt deficient! I still went to be with that guilt and woke up with the dark heaviness!

You know why? I was looking outside of myself other than inside. Wait! I was looking inside, but my approach to the inner me was based on external prompts from others! Just as I had been running from societal programming, I was running towards another form of programming!

I just had to stop, pause reflect and then take intuitive, SOUL-LED action!

I figured out that I had everything I needed inside of me and all I needed was to integrate that process of following my soul’s voice and soul nudges. 

So this 30 day challenge will involve the integration of 7 lifestyle areas as we roll into the next decade! (I personally REFUSE to dive in feeling deficient and inadequate!) What about you??

The areas we shall focus on are: Physical (Health, Nutrition/Fitness/Environment), Spiritual (Silence/Meditation/Self Healing), Business/Career, Finances/Wealth, Relationships (Partner/Family/Friendships, Community networks), Personal Development/Intellectual lifestyle) and Creativity (adventure/fun/recreation). 


That seems alot, Miriam! All in 30 days?

YES!!! Check this out! Going slow has NEVER got anyone anything but misery! It makes you want to give up because you create all this time to think yourself out of situations! You’ve been told all your life to TAKE YOUR TIME! they say SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE! 

But I DARE YOU! I DARE YOU to dump those theories that you have bought into all your life and yet you are not where you want to be! 

I DARE YOU to take up this challenge and learn how to embrace SPEED in getting what you want in your life! 


In 30-days you will learn to LIVE and ACT from soul, with INTENTION and MINDFULNESS around these areas! You will discover the GOLD MINE that dwells inside of you and how you can tap into it and have it work for you! Most importantly you will experience a deeper connection with your soul, learn how to tune into your soul’s voice and follow the nudges your soul gives you.

This beautiful transformational experience is not for those who enjoy looking for drama outside of themselves! It’s for those who are open and willing to experience the drama inside of them and use it as transformational fuel. It’s  for those who are ready to DARE to debunk the theories that have been drummed into you all your life at various stages. 

You will have an opportunity to take stock of your life as you end this decade and usher in the next, with purpose. You will  get some behind the scenes of how I prepare myself for a personal challenge, how I create the vision for my life, how I tap into soul so that what I do in my life is informed by my internal state, how I pick up nudges, and keep track of them and how I follow them and the results I get from it.

You will practice tapping into your own soul, learn your soul’s voice by listening, tuning in and, keeping track of what you get to hear from soul. You will learn the POWER of journaling and blow you own mind as you take action when you follow the nudges from your own soul. You will learn to shut out the noise and chatter of the world that tells you who you should be and practice BEing the lead in your life’s movie. By acting from this place, you will SHIFT how you show up in life and how life shows up for you! You will experience a magical transformation by taking centre stage in your life.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you! Join our facebook group here or click the big yellow button below. The teaching will be in a private face book group, if you miss catching me live, the replay will be there for you. You will have progress buddies to help you stay accountable. However no pressure, you only show up as called! But remember, how you show up, do the work and act from a soul led place, will determine  what results you get! 

See you there!

Want more information?  Ask me about how to become attuned as an energy healer or to receive healing or book your coaching.

DISCLAIMER: Divine Energy Healing should not replace your regular medical practices as recommended by your doctor or physician. Please continue to follow their advice.