After a complimentary break free clarity session with Dr Miriam:


“It’s indeed a break free zone with you Dr. Miriam Sekandi. Just a few minutes speaking with you and my outlook to life changes to a break free Zone. Thank you. “You are an awesome being”  Diana Lwanga


The 2018 21 day Spring Cleaning challenge:

The Shocking Spring Clean that led to a beauty update” A must read blog by Julie Syl Kalungi of juleskalpauli.com

“The de clutter series as I prefer to call them has helped me identify with the important and my mood and self esteem has been lifted. I feel light especially at work gosh my office was a nightmare I didn’t realize till the series. In relation to emails, I should say I was caught pants down. Junk piled up and didn’t know I missed upon important mail because I never used to clear my junk that was a tip to working under a health environment and yes no more missing mails… As for the unnecessary pop ups from shopping sites all blocked no more temptations and filling my mail box… De cluttering actually helped, my room is brighter and more air rated. The jeans and thongs of 10years ago had to go painfully but gave me the comfort that i have to buy new underwears hahahah. Quite alot learnt please don’t stop continue” Pretty

Cleared clutter , couldn’t believe the stash and gave to charity. Phewx!!!! I started at my house with 2 friends, and moved to theirs Sharing this with them was amazing and going through stuff clearing the clutter was amazing. Got time to talk with some friends as we #decluttered and laughed over it. They felt lighter as it created more space in their homes. My friends later decided to do it once every year. Sharing with them is caring and thanks for sharing.Ann

After a Vision Board Consultation

#FeelingGrateful I have had 2+ amazing hours with the Phenomenal Holistic Healer and Visionary Coach Dr Miriam Sekandi. She is walking me through my paces on Recreating a new Vision Board in this next chapter of my Brand…Manifestations are expected within the next 12-18 months…I am so excited about this, I can see it all in my “eye”…Miriam is Articulate, caring, funny, refocuses your thoughts and GPS. You wont be bored either as you create your Life in the Spiritual for manifestation in the Physical.  If you are looking to Get Clarity on your Vision for tomorrow and Build a Vision Board that Will Manifest, Get in touch with this lady FAST and #BreakFree. Find her at https://breakfreezone.com Thank you My #SoulSista I appreciate your time and Guidance.Julie Syl Kalungi