The Break Free Membership Zone

I’m so excited to open the doors to the Break Free Membership Zone!!!

If this community of Ready-to-Heal individuals speaks to you, come right in!

This is a safe and secure place for you if you are ready to say YES to YOUR healing!!!

It’s a space that will shine the light in places where you are consciously and unconsciously holding on to wounds and patterns that need to be released! My specialty is seeing the blind spots in your energy body that are screaming to be set free! As well as the root cause for why these blind spots exist. I move like a ninja, with my spiritual flashlight, and my detective kit, collecting clues and putting everything together to reveal to you what areas in your life require attention. And then you do the work!

This right now is your moment to choose to a healed lifestyle. To say yes to healing the wounds that have plagued you even before you were formed and throughout your life. To say YES to disrupting patterns that keep showing up in your relationships and in how you respond. To say YES to dismantling and obliterating any remnants of junk that keeps showing up in your life. To say YES to a healed lifestyle. A lifestyle where mother wounds, father wounds, caregiver wounds, sister wounds, father wounds, ancestral wounds etc no longer run your life. It is time to change the channel, in fact it is time to take down the station, so you don’t have to be locked down to any channel! It is time to break free!!!

My vision for the Break Free Membership Zone is a live and interactively engaged community filled with the most purpose-driven individuals online who are determined to answer their call for this generation. The call to confront ancestral wounds and deactivate the sting on our lineages. The call to heal on behalf of those who came before us and those who will come after us. The call to put an end to the assault on and reset our ancestral nervous systems.

In the Zone, we shall go deep into the mindset, the inner game, the spiritual and supernatural side of our ancestry. We shall examine the various facets of ancestral patterns, how they run in our families, societies, and how they run your life today.  We shall confront the root causes of these ancestral patterns and I will provide you with strategies that you can immediately adapt and apply in your life. You will be able to recognize existing patterns and stories as they manifest in your daily routines, practices and interactions, interrupt them and immediately replace them with new patterns that are aligned with the healed version you desire to be.

You were born to detach and rise from these wounds and patterns; your break free moment began when the umbilical cord was cut! You were cut loose to stir things up, not to continue a legacy of pain, confusion, anxiety, depression, poverty, relationship turmoil! Now is the time to claim that!

If you’re READY, and your heart is saying YES, and you want to finally ALLOW the freedom, the exhale, the release you KNOW you’ve been denied for so long, then the Break Free Membership Zone is the community for you.

Becoming a member of this next level community includes:

  • Monthly deep dive MASTERCLASS on a specific area of healing (valued at $1555)
  • Continuous support in our Facebook group (valued at $555)
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with ME! (Valued at $1555)
  • Monthly LIVE hotseat healing session  (valued at $2555)
  • Monthly journal prompts to wake you and remind you of who you are at the core and the action you KNOW it’s time to take (valued at $455)

Now at 47USD/month!!

This is going to be a space of infinite magic where individuals, families, generations and ancestries are reborn forever.

So if you’re READY, and your heart is saying YES, and you want to finally usher in the freedom, the exhale and the living from a safe and secure healed place, you know it’s time to take responsibility for what you know is inside of you – that which you are here to set free through your healing…

Then it's time to join The Break Free Membership Zone!

Come and let me hold your hand so you can see the hidden magic inside of you.
You were led here because there is something within you that needs to be set free. It keeps bubbling up for a reason. And I was led here to help you set it free. Let’s do this! Come on in!

with love,

Dr. Miriam Sekandi

Break Free Zone - Dr. Miriam