Δ Do you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over and now you are convinced either your kids have a hearing problem, or you are going insane?

Δ Are you frustrated about how much work parenting is and you want to quit but dont know how?

Δ Do you feel like setting rules and expectations in your house earns you eye rolls, sighs, door slams, shoulder shrugs, stomps, or even screams and tantrums?

Δ Are you scared of being judged as a failed parent when word gets out that your kids are not the perfect angels you’ve painted them to be?

Δ Does your house looks like a war zone and no matter how much you clean, the mess seems to just multiply and you don’t even know who to blame anymore?

Δ Can you never seem to catch a break between kids, kids, and more kids plus partner, work and slide in some self care? 

Help is on the way! You can raise happy, healthy and successful children, the unconventional way, without losing your mind in the process!

Visualize yourself waking up to your kids doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time!

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to finally have your kids listen for once, instead of hearing “NO!” or have them talk back at you? 
  • Imagine a tantrum free grocery store run where your kid is demanding for some random toy which they will never play with anyway?
  • What would it feel like to wake up to spacious days with time to actually do things for you, eat meals that you actually get to taste and enjoy, shower or use the bathroom in peace, and not look like the cat just dragged you from a trench?
  • What would it feel like to work or run your business without the guilt of needing to sacrifice your family to make ends meet?
  • What if parenting your children doesn’t have to be a source of strife and fights with your partner? 
  • How about turning the yelling and screaming in your home into music, dance and merry making? 
  • Wouldn’t it be a relief to have actual normal, human interactions with your children without anyone needing to hide behind closed doors or giving the silent treatment?

What I am going to teach you will revolutionize the way you think about Parenting and Parenthood.

Dr. Miriam Sekandi Family


📌 Assert your authority in the home;

📌 Communicate with your kids without yelling or repeating yourself endlessly;

📌 Develop strategies for disciplining kids without punishing them;

📌 Get your kids to listen and comply without coercion;

📌 Build warmth and structure into your parenting style;

📌 Navigate social media with your kids; 

📌 Get your kids to help out around the house;

📌 Handle negative attitudes from kids;

📌 Address play dates, sleep overs and friendships;

📌 Help a child who is struggling academically;

📌 Discuss sex, dating and friendships;

📌 Handle racial and intercultural conversations;

📌 Talk about money and wealth to your children;

📌 Handle the topic of loss with kids;

📌 Set, create and respect yours and the kids’ boundaries;

📌 Transitions from one activity to another;

📌 Mental health and or disabilities; 

📌 Break family and ancestral trauma cycles;


….and so many more topics!!!

A complete recipe of resources delivered monthly to your fingertips so you no longer have to parent by guesswork and hope your kids learn, comply and become successful in life.

Monthly ” Parenting As Strategy” Training 

No more guesswork or reaction-based parenting. Once a month you will receive an assortment of parenting tools and in depth examples to support your parenting style and each specific child on a specific parenting theme.  These might be through a live video, pre recorded video or audio training. Say good bye to burn out, stress, and anxiety from parenting. 

I will share with you a combination of my experiences of the various strategies I learned through formal education as well as the application to over 3 decades of parenting 4 kids with 4 different personality types. 

You don’t have to make the same mistakes your parents or friends have made, or what society has told you is the “correct way” to raise kids.

You will also be receiving notes and workbooks to keep track of what exactly is working for you and for which specific child. 

Monthly “Parenthood As  Mindset” Training 

While Parenting is about tools and strategy, Parenthood on the other hand is more about who you are as you implement parenting strategies. The inner shifts that you make as you embody the role of a parent are what help you decide on, and implement the right strategy. 

Mindset support as a parent is therefore key. I will share with you my personal stories of how I have undertaken my parenting journey, how I have had to deal with my own BS, shift my mindset, heal my past, so I can show up as the parent my children need me to be. We shall address how you can bust through your blocks  and fears and how your past affects how you show up as a parent to your kids.

Once a month you will be invited to a Live Hot Seat Support Training which will also be uploaded into a Private Members Facebook Group. You will have the opportunity to ask your questions live and receive real time support for your challenges. These mindset trainings will transform not just your parenthood, but you will experience massive shifts in all other areas of your life.


Ongoing Support in a Private Members’ Telegram Channel

You will have access to a telegram channel group where you are welcome to post your questions and receive responses from me. The access to the telegram channel will be provided to you once you join the membership.

When you join the Time Out Membership, you receive:

🚩Monthly Parenting Strategy Training

🚩Monthly Parenthood Mindset Training

🚩Ongoing Support in a Members Telegram Channel

🚩Pop Up Live Q&As, Channeled Meditations & Readings as aligned.

🚩BONUS: Instant FREE Access to my mindset training vault and explosive “How to Get Your Children to Listen” Training Workshop.

Get in for just… 



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About Me!

I am a mom who has raised children for 3 decades! I started off as a teen mom, and prior to this, I was raised in a very strict house hold, where physical punishment was the norm.

I solo parented for a while with my first 2 children before getting married and having another 2. On this parenting journey, which also involved moving countries, and embarking on a spiritual journey, I discovered my unique calling: To dismantle the conditioning running in families causing repeated cycles of trauma.

My first step was recognizing where I was caught in the cycle. Even though I had decided not to parent my kids the same way I was parented, I was still running a parallel cycle. I went through a process of interrogation of my parenting practice, and was shown how this had deeply affected my children. I could also see how my practice had been influenced by my parents and for them, their parents.

I decided to break the cycle. This took me on an additional healing journey. Today I live a life of intentional and conscious parenting, Aware of how each of my words, and actions can affect generations to come through my kids. It took dismantling and deconditioning the structures, and I still do to this day. This is why I am open to help you do the same!

Break Free Zone - Dr. Miriam