My BreakFreeZone Micromind is designed to steer you into absolute alignment and massive action so you can finally claim THE LIFE YOU WERE BORN FOR.


You have procrastinated enough. 

The excuses never seem to stop coming. 

You’ve created more excuses than solutions.

You say that you want a meaningful life. You know you were not born for the mediocre or substandard life you have resigned yourself to. I assure you, you were born for more, and of course you KNOW you have a purpose, and there is a way out!


Question: When do you intend to start reclaiming and living this life and doing the work you were created for? How long will you keep telling yourself stories that lead no where? When will you stop taking 3 steps forward and 5 steps back?

Let me be clear, you absolutely CAN have all you desire plus all you were created for and live your best life.

To do this you MUST – start to live in alignment with the things that matter most. Who you are. Why you are here. What you are meant to be doing. How you get to do it. 

This is all your life is about!                                                      

This is not just about you doing things to make everyone around you happy, contented, peaceful. It’s about the single focus of reclaiming your life and purpose. 

Nothing should detour you from this!

I’ve created a life of my dreams, unapologetically pursuing my desires, the person, lifestyle and freedom I dreamed of. I achieved this by dropping all my sob stories, and choosing alignment. Every day. Every moment! And showing up successfully for my family and business while at it. Now it’s your turn!

Sign up today for the BreakFreeZone Micromind and pay $333 (40% off)! 

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This work will change your life!

Let me assure you, if you continue to live out of daily alignment without fully and wholly committing to your life’s calling, you will continue to struggle with a lack of progress while chasing your own tail.

Why choose that when you could choose an easier way? Living a purposeful life daily is so effortless because you are rewarded along the way.

Here’s to an expansive life of alignment! Complete your payment below and watch your life shift in the blink of an eye! We start Jan 9th 2022!!!

Remember, you were built for more than you have been led to believe!

Dr. Miriam

About Dr Miriam Sekandi

I am DR MIRIAM SEKANDI. When everyone thought I was knocked down and out as a teenage mom, I rose up and completed my education, including the coveted PhD.

My biggest breakthroughs occurred when during my doctoral program I realized that I had lived my entire life in a trance. I had followed everything society had a degree...(I had been a teen mom, single mom with two kids, then married with 4 kids) ok most of what society expected.

However deep inside, with the education and the profession, I was still empty on the inside. I started on a quest to find out the missing piece in my life. And I found it right where I was. Inside of me. I was the missing piece! I decided to start living a life of alignment and badassery, refusing to be held down and give my life away to causes that didn't align with my dreams, desires and life purpose.

After years of not realizing that I was brought here for a reason, of playing small to please everyone around me, I said enough is enough. And I went all in. I now work with individuals who recognize that they are here for a purpose, but do not know where to start. They are ready to take on the bullshit they have believed for years and toss it out. They are committed to shifting everything in all areas of their lives including societal expectations around work and romantic relationships, parenting, money, sex, cultural diversity, and all the taboo topics that most people are afraid to take on.

I have been on this path for almost 8 years, and I have built 2.5 successful businesses. Break Free Zone is my life's custodial work. It's where I get to support other people release the shackles that have held them back from deep seated beliefs that were ingrained for generations. Its also the most rewarding because I get to see people shift immediately when they are in my energy!

I don't expect perfection from anyone working on generations stuff. It takes time because of the multiple layers that need to be excavated. With each layer, emerges a new version of my clients.

Just remember, you were built for more than you have been led to believe.!


Dr Miriam

Break Free Zone - Dr. Miriam