Hello Gorgeous!!!

It’s taken me a while to create this program, but I always knew that sooner or later, I would have something that would be helpful to build your self-love muscle.

You know, there comes a time when you just have to say, ENOUGH! That moment when you feel that you are tired of being overwhelmed, when being desperate, scared, afraid, lost are all rolled into one knot at the base of your stomach. The sleepless nights, the endless days that don’t promise anything new. You go through each moment not knowing what the next will be like. You are frightened of every passing moment, because you feel as if it is the one that will bring your world crashing down. Every approaching moment feels that way and when things don’t work out, you feel that yes that’s the moment you thought it would be. The moment of doom, when the world comes crashing down.

But then you realize that its just a game of dominos. There is more from where that disaster came from. You want to give up, but you can’t. Because life goes on. More keeps coming at you and you are drowning. The walls are closing in. It’s getting dark. Yet you have to keep breathing, keep moving forward. You want to yell, ENOUGH! But then what next? You don’t know! So this cycle of constantly feeling suffocated becomes your normal. Yet you don’t want it to be. You want OUT!

Well guess what? I am excited to share this amazing creation that I made especially for you! It’s a cool way out of your dilemma. You’ve probably heard of it. But not the way I am about to reintroduce it to you. You’ve probably thrown it around on social media, with your filtered selfies, telling the world how much you love yourself, and trying to convince yourself about how strong and powerful you are.Yet behind that filtered smooth skinned, curvy shaped image, and bold words declaring that you love yourself is a woman desperate to be seen. Dying to have her wounds licked. Longing to have her pain washed away.

I am inviting you to Build Your Self-Love Muscle. A program designed for women who are determined to take back their personal power, ready to choose self-love above everything else, and are looking for the perfect opportunity and escape route to take!

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Yeah, I know. Self-love is one of the most thrown around term in personal development circles. Unfortunately so many don’t actually embody it. Most people use the phrase during tough times when they are trying to convince themselves that everything is gonna be alright (which it is), and others when everything is going great! Sadly, not many choose it as a virtue to wear all day, everyday, in every aspect of their lives!

This is where this powerful program comes in to help you develop this embodiment of TRUE and AUTHENTIC self-love. To build your self-love muscle, we shall explore the true meaning of self-love, why we even need self-love in the first place; how exactly to manifest self-love; in what ways has self-love been misunderstood and misrepresented; how we can cultivate true and authentic self-love, embody it, practice it and use it to impact those around us especially our loved ones; I will also share with you some tools to access your energetic signature which you can infuse into your self-love practice.

This “Build Your Self-Love Muscle program is for women who:

  • Know with absolute certainty, deep inside, that they have more to offer than what they have allowed themselves to give.

  • Are sick and tired of sacrificing ALL of who they are to people and situations, so much so that they are burning out from feeling unappreciated.

  • Are ready to draw the line in the sand, declare ENOUGH to giving their all to people and situations that de-value them;

  • Emotionally drained by toxic home and work conditions

  • Are desperately trying to keep up with others by putting on a show and covering up their pain but know that it is time to take the blindfolds off and let the light in.

  • Are ready and willing to break free from the shackles that have been placed on them by their loved ones, society and circumstances

  • Cannot make personal financial or family decisions because of fear of the reactions of the world and loved ones

  • Afraid of the unknown (which they actually know but are afraid to face or what it will reveal of who they are)

  • Are deathly afraid of failure and imagine that committing to any change in their life will be a disastrous decision that would bring their world crashing down.

  • Done sharing memes that say more about the life you wish you have and instead are ready to bring the meme to life in your life

However this program is NOT for you if you are still seeking for societal approval, not

 ready to take the plunge into unchartered waters and try what you have not tried before, you still enjoying the attention from filtered selfies that fades as soon as you turn off your phone and lay in bed scared of what tomorrow will bring, prefer sharing memes that actually say more about where you want to be in life and not your reality, still enjoying hanging around toxic people and situations that cause you to fill that your light is burning out, still enjoy wallowing in victim-hood and getting attention from sympathizers, its not for those who are not ready to dig their heels in and effect change in their lives. If this is you, then I invite you to scroll past, but pass this on to someone else who needs it.

For my girls who are ready to embrace this new way of self lovin’, I invite you to a:

3 week workshop style experience. I might throw in a bonus week as well a Vision Board workshop recording to help jumpstart you to seeing yourself in this new light.

We start on Feb 1st, 2020. In a private face book group so you can always go back to the recordings or catch up if you missed a class. You will also receive downloaded replays of all the content for lifetime access.

Now this is why you need to take action NOW and take this offer while it’s open for you:

  • Girl, IT IS TIME to take back your personal
    power! Any delay, you are back in the loop baby!
  • You will get rid of that victimhood and
    overwhelm mentality and stop blaming others for denying yourself the opportunity
    to do the work that needs to be done
  • Realize your personal gifts that you’ve been
    sitting and start using them to enrich your life!
  • Life will be so much easier as you will have to
    tools to protect you from toxic people and situations
  • Say good bye to living in survival mode where
    you are holding your breath for every bill to be paid, or if you will be loved,
    or people will like you or your work!
  • You will free yourself from twisted societal
    beliefs and be able to see multiple opportunities available to you.
  • You will reap the benefits of practicing self-love
    such as boosting your love life whether it is attracting the right partner, orfiring up your current relationship.
  • If you are a mother, parenting will become less
    stressful as you will be able to instill self-love into your children and watch
    them blossom before your eyes.
  • Uncover the beauty of being a woman and how you
    are called to impact the world in a beautiful and exciting way.

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Now, Just so you know, I wasn’t born with this stuff in my DNA. Or maybe I was and didn’t realize it!

I was a single mom for 12 years. Yes 12 years! 

I had 2 children, a girl and a boy, and had no idea that a man could
come along and love me. I really wanted to have someone I called mine. Of
course I had those who professed their undying love for me until they
discovered that I had two children and they bolted. Life was not easy. Meeting
their needs became my number one priority. I sacrificed everything I could to
raise those two. I got some limited financial support from the dads yes, dads
(now you now how complicated that was) but it was not enough. It did not make
up for the sleepless nights when they were sick, the daily provisions, the
amount of energy that goes into parenting, the wishing that maybe one of those
dads would come to his senses and love me again…that. But I stayed tall, chin

up and back straight. But the nights were cold and hard, with thoughts,
longing, desperation, wishing…

Until I declared ENOUGH! Here I was with a boychild, and a girl
child. What else did I need? I resolved to raise my cubs and be the best “momdad”
to them that I could! I chose to love myself more so I could be the best role
model that my children would have. When I met my dear husband, one thing he
mentioned to me was that I came across as a no BS woman. And that was what I
was looking for. A woman who could hold her own. By then I also had a cake
business, and actually, my salary was not something I held my breath for, as it
was always delayed and I had no time for that! My business helped to cover
whatever bills I had and I had more left over.

Anyhow, back then I did not realize that the decision I made had

anything to do with self-love. I chose it even without knowing! When I was in
desperation mode, I attracted toxic guys and my work environment was toxic.
When I embraced self-love, I attracted the love of my life who did not care if
I had children or not, even with him, and who was looking for exactly what I
was. More opportunities even opened up and I got a FULL scholarship to come and
study in Canada. By FULL I mean all expenses paid! And now I have got an
opportunity to broaden my understanding through reflection of what my life has
been about, and I can see how self-love has played a massive role in the shifts
I have made in my life. I now practice it more intentionally than before and I

reap the benefits. Navigating relationship challenges is awesome and I can now
see my husband embracing it for himself. He lost almost 40lbs when he chose to
embrace self-love when his health was threatened! My daughter has manifested 2 international
scholarships from learning self-love and is working on a third. All courtesy of
the self-love tools I have shared with them.  

It’s possible beautiful. Very possible for you as well. You can
flip your life on its head and instead of you striving to tell your life story,
your thriving life will be telling your story. I therefore invite you to not
waste anymore time, if you want out of this loop. Quit trying to keep up
appearances with filtered images and copycatted memes to convince yourself and
the world that everything is okay. You know deep down it is not. NOW IS THE TIME.

Draw that line in the sand and step into your next level of greatness through

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Dr. Miriam N. Sekandi
Self Empowerment & Energy Coach