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Overcome Inner Stagnation, release energetic blocks, connect to your life's mission and hit your personal goals faster.

I deliver powerful, energy-packed half-day, full-day, weekend group or team retreats, training, coaching, and/or healing sessions, to professional organizations, departmental teams. I use a trauma-informed approach to my work with the intention that participants are fully expressed, have increased clarity on who they are and what’s blocking them from performing at their optimum. Some of the topics I cover include but are not limited to:

  • Self-Empowerment, Personal Power  & Emotional Intelligence
  • Energy Mastery and Healing;
  • Healing Childhood and Ancestral Trauma
  • Overcoming Socio-Cultural Incarceration;
  • Overcoming procrastination, overcoming inner blocks and creating motivation.
  • Vision Board Creation and Activation;
  • Positive Discipline Parenting Strategy;
  • Creating inter-culturally aware, healthy, and competent professional environments;

Do you desire a deeper knowing of yourself with the support of a mentor? Using a combination of mindset work, energy healing and practical life strategies, I help you clear out the negative energy and beliefs that keep you locked down.

Most of my private clients feel energetically capped and cannot seem to find the sweet spot to release their inner magic. They feel stuck! They know that they are being called for so much more, but are held back or blocked and need the clarity to breakthrough. They are passionate about something but don’t know how to become that person that brings the magic to life.

I help them break free from the energetic patterns and conditioning that they are stuck in, and access their innate superpowers. They become masters of their personal power and emotional intelligence and are able to fully focus on their life’s mission.

This is an exclusively intuitive experience in which novice and deeply spiritual individuals are invited to undergo a holistic journey to further their transformation.

Most novices try so many kinds of healing or spiritual learning and throw up their arms in surrender. They do not know where to go. Others have walked the spiritual walk and still feel that there are big boulders blocking their path to themselves. As your guide, I take you on a reflective journey, complete a holistic inventory of your life and identify areas where you are out of balance and disconnected from yourself.

I will guide you towards and how to fully embody your true and fully expressed identity. You will discover your true path back to yourself.

As an educator, facilitator and healer, I have been blessed with decades of experience. Through these, I have learned many lessons and have shared these with hundreds of individuals resulting in changing lifestyles. I am open to speaking on your stage and would like to bless your audience with a magical and transformational experience about breaking free from socio-cultural conditioning, cultivating strong personal power, self-empowerment, emotional intelligence, overcoming inner stagnation, self-belief, self-trust and self-love.

I am passionate about these topics because I have journeyed far and wide, from being a teen mom, a single mom and a complete write-off, to being married, raising four kids, two of who are adults, completing my Ph.D. and now healing and transforming lives. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. Break free!!

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