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Group Coaching with Dr. Miriam Sekandi


I run a high level monthly group mastermind for parents who need to add to their tool kit of strategies that they use to raise optimized children. 

I cover all areas such as habit training, communication with children, communication with co parents,  discipline, behavioural disorders and challenges, safety and security, how to provide age appropriate warmth and structure, dating, sleepovers, play dates, intercultural parenting, dealing with chronic illnesses, grief, loss of a family member/pet, how to manage tantrums of any age, chores, children’s love languages etc. 

I also do monthly Q & As where you get to ask me anything and it gets answered in our podia community. 

You also get to parent alongside others because I don’t believe we need to be alone when challenged as we parent. This occurs in a shame free environment where we get to learn these parenting tools and strategies, and heal our own past family traumas collectively.

Private Coaching with Dr. Miriam Sekandi


Do you desire a deeper understanding of yourself and or your child(ren) or family dynamics?  I help you address, create a plan and get a break through on a specific issue that you may be struggling with in a laser focussed power hour session. 

I also help individual families requiring 1:1 hands on support with children with behavioural challenges to reclaim their harmony, reduce behaviour related stress significantly and equip them with working tools to parent their children.

To book the power hour session, click the link. 

If you prefer on-going private mentorship, I offer that for a minimum of six months. Book your power hour session to get set up, and the power hour cost will be deducted off your private mentorship commitment should you decide to proceed with it.


Guest Coaching with Dr. Miriam Sekandi


This is an exclusively intuitive experience in I use energetic tools that I am certified in such as USUI Reiki, Chakra clearing and Basic Shamanic Practices combined with African Healing Techniques to help you through any misalignment in your body. 

I remove energetic blockages, accelerate pain relief, quick recovery from surgeries, and athletic injuries and remove any stagnancy in your body that causes bodily discomfort including difficulty to conceive or produce breast milk.

These potent sessions can be conducted both on and off line. Cost: $333/session

As a trained teacher, parent, social services worker and certified healer, I have been blessed with decades of experience particularly with individuals who have trouble navigating life. 

Through these, I have learned public speaking, facilitation, teaching, and trauma informed approaches to parenting and working with individuals of all walks of life including those battling various diagnoses such as ADHD, OCD, FAS. I am also trained as a Life Coach, Positive Parenting Facilitator, Intercultural Education Facilitator, and Compassion Fatigue Educator. 

I am open to speaking on your stage and would like to bless your audience with a magical and transformational experience about any of the areas mentioned above.

I am passionate about these topics because I have journeyed far and wide, from being a teen mom, a single mom and a complete write-off, to being married, raising four kids, three of whom are adults and a teenager, completing my Ph.D. and now healing and transforming lives. on

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