These sessions are intended to create awareness of our individual energetic signature and the need to heal our energetic fields as well as our mind-body on a regular basis. Healing is not only linked to pain or dis-ease, but as we go through our daily activities, out energetic fields or aura may be bruised and will require daily and constant repair. 

If you are experiencing emotional or physical pain, you definitely need a dose of energy healing or body work. Divine Energy Healing is a transformational session that where an attuned healer uses divine energy channelled from source into a client’s internal and external energy field. This process activates the body cells and and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself! How cool!!

During an energy healing session, I use a combination of Usui Reiki and Blue Ray Energy Healing Techniques to intuitively channel Divine Healing vibes to specific energy points in the body known as Chakras, or to pain points or situations that need it. I may also use a pendulum to help with spiritual guidance on a situation. Divine energy healing is a beautifully relaxing, rejuvenating process that leaves you feeling lighter and clearer.

Experience Pure Bliss & Heal Your Energetic Blocks

  • Relieve stress, anxiety and muscle tension;
  • Ease up on chronic or general pain;
  • Speed up recovery from injury or surgery
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve clarity of your journey and goals;
  • Energize and balance the Chakras and entire body
  • Promote deep relaxation and overall peace of mind, body and spirit

Book Your Session

You are invited to set an intention before the healing and, Divine Energy will flow to where it is needed. Divine energy will be present with you long after the session is complete. Divine Energy Healing can be done in person or telepathically over long distances for self, family and friends. In person sessions typically last 60 minutes.


Want more information?  Ask me about how to become attuned as an energy healer or to receive healing.  

DISCLAIMER: Divine Energy Healing should not replace your regular medical practices as recommended by your doctor or physician. Please continue to follow their advice.