Channel Your Loved Ones – Mediumship Reading

Channel Your Loved Ones - Mediumship Readings

Connect with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Some people experience blocks in their life path because they either feel guilty or they just want to know what their loved one thinks about what is going on in their situation. Of course the loved one is no longer in the physical realm but can be reached out to in the spiritual realm.

As a healer I have met several people who have tried everything to get them moving and there is that one thing that is holding them back: Getting validation and reassurance from a loved one who has passed. It is a rewarding experience for me to be able to connect and channel through Spirit, any messages that these people need to hear. I cannot explain the elation and gratitude on people’s faces when they receive the validation they’ve been looking for.

Receive Divine messages Through Evidential Mediumship

  • Relieves anxiety;
  • Validates and calms fears and worry;
  • Motivates clients to pursue their divine path
  • Brings clarity and focus of your journey
  • Reassures the recipient as they learn how their loved one is doing

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Receive your psychic messages from the Spiritual realm alongside your messages from your dear one(s)

Sessions may  last up to an hour max.


Want more information?  Ask me about how to become attuned as an energy healer or to receive healing.  

DISCLAIMER: Divine Energy Healing should not replace your regular medical practices as recommended by your doctor or physician. Please continue to follow their advice.