Every parent believes that their child is cute, until the challenges of growth and development begin. Creation and birthing of a child is both a spiritual and energetic process. As children grow up, they are socialized into the beings that the parent wants them to be.  As the child grows, they unfold into this little being that causes the parent to sometimes question if they are well suited to parent the child successfully. This is why I put together these energy tools for parents to help with raising children

This Energy Toolkit is for parents who feel:

  • Overwhelmed by the idea of parenting;
  • Are frustrated because their children do not listen;
  • They cannot keep up with their child’s overactive behaviour;
  • Something is wrong with their child;
  • Concerned because their child is very quiet;
  • Confused by the developmental stages of children
  • That their child is psychic;
  • Burnt out and stressed by parenting;
  • Their child doesn’t focus long enough on a task;
  • Panicky because their child is a picky eater;
  • They need a break on parenting

Well, for starters,I am no child psychologist. However, as an educator, I did study educational psychology and received training as a Facilitator in Positive Discipline This experience combined with my energy mastery and healing work, I can confidently support you on your journey as you incorporate energy tools in your parenting process. A child is conceived with the energy of two people, they themselves are independent energetic beings and require energy to raise the. It is therefore very important that the parent is aware of how they manage their energy during the parenting process. This is why I created the Energy Toolkit for Parents.


  • Relieves burnout, stress and anxiety of parenting;
  • Maintain calmness and control during tense and high energy parenting situations;
  • Keep you relaxed so you can listen better to the verbal and non verbal needs of the child;
  • Increases awareness of what to expect at different developmental stages;
  • Improves sleep time for both parent and child;
  • Energizes and balances the entire body so you can best support yourself and the child;
  • Keep you focused on the goals of raising your children;
  • Makes interacting with your child a pleasurable time;
  • Helps you meet your child’s needs based on their individual energy needs;
  • Ditch punishment and use discipline to support your child.

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DISCLAIMER: Divine Energy Healing should not replace your regular medical practices as recommended by your doctor or physician. Please continue to follow their advice.