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Do you want to know how I took my life from the front of the classroom to the big international stage? Or how I changed my life from more month at the end of the money to more money at the end of the month?

I would love to share this and more uplifting and energizing stories of success at your next seminar or workshop, or your team’s professional development day. I will demonstrate to you that your story matters, how you can take your story and use it to inspire others, how you can receive healing by sharing your story and how sharing your story can lead to your break through and that of others.


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Invite Dr Miriam to inspire your audience at your event or deliver a breakthrough seminar, or professional development workshop to rejuvenate your team, class or family.Dr. 

Or Join her at her next international event either in person or virtually and be inspired by how she moves people to re calibrate and re center using their internal compass as they connect to their higher selves.