The Parenting Zone

Healing Through Parenting

Welcome to the Parenting Zone! This is a space where I connect with individuals who want to better understand their children, as well as show up as better parents. Every parent believes they are doing an amazing job. Research supports this.  We are 2.5 times more likely to parent the way we were parented! But if we do not like how our parents did their job, then we have to make an intentional decision to learn and practice alternative ways of parenting our children. 

Unbeknownst to many, parenting is a energetically vibrational process. The word we use to communicate with our children, eventually become their self talk. Children’s experiences of growing up could either boost their self esteem or bruise their self image. As a parent it is important to learn our impact on a child’s mindset and how this affects them as adults.

Dr Miriam and her children

Parenting as a healing process

  • Acquire communication techniques that raise a child’s vibration and self esteem
  • Master the art of Positive Disciplining Techniques 
  • Learn how to cultivate a child’s innate gifts and talents and how to maximize their benefits
  • Discover how to meet the unique needs of each child 
  • Practice self care techniques, decrease your stress levels and heal your inner child
  • Balance your life as a parent and a partner 
  • Explore how to turn your children into allies and achieve collective family goals

Book Your Session Today

You are invited to a six week Positive Discipline Parenting Program. I have run sessions through schools, churches, cultural groups and not for profit organizations, as well as couples and single parents. If you are able to gather a group of parents who are open to learning together, I will gladly hop in and run these workshops. The sessions are typically 3 hrs long per week. Contact me for pricing.

Want more information?  Ask me about how to become attuned as an energy healer or to receive healing.  

DISCLAIMER: Divine Energy Healing should not replace your regular medical practices as recommended by your doctor or physician. Please continue to follow their advice.