Vision Board

Have you ever made a New Year Resolution? Did you follow through with it and achieved it? If you achieved it, congratulations! If not, do not despair. Your belong in the 80% of people who abandon their resolution by the second week of February according to US News. 

Most people will make resolutions or set goals for their lives or business, at prime moments, such as, the start of a calendar year, but are unable to achieve them.  This is not because they are failures, but because they lack a system for holding themselves accountable. 

I have created a cool system to help you keep track of your goals, dreams  and desires without  losing momentum, yet, having that much needed accountability partner.  This Vision Board Manifestation journey connects your personal energetic signature to your deepest desires through 2D or 3D images and a unique activation process. 

A vision board is a tool that is used to help bring clarity, concentration and focus when working towards specific life goals. Most people describe it as a board (poster paper, poster board, magnetic white board), on which you place images, phrases, words, 3D objects, that represent whatever you intend to be, do or have in your life. 

With my unique Vision Board Manifestation Journey, the focus is on the distinct energetic signature of the creator, their connection with their individual desires at the subconscious level, summoning clarity and activating the Vision Board. 

I also teach alternative ways of creating vision activations for those clients that are not comfortable exposing their vision boards to others. This way, they can still have visual representations of their dreams without the other party figuring it out. 

You can choose to represent all your goals on one board or create multiple theme boards for different desires, to be placed in specific rooms, eg, business related images in your office space. 

Just remember its gotta have your picture on it!!

Transform your life: Activate your dreams with vision boards

  • Gain clarity of exactly what you want and need
  • Boost your visualization process
  • Eliminate your fears and limiting beliefs
  • Gain a laser focus on what you really want
  • Tracking the progress of your desires
  • Accelerate the manifestation of your dreams.
  • Communicating with the universe
  • Sort through what is  important and what isn’t in your life.
  • Figure things out generally

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You are invited to set an intention before you undertake this Divine process. Energy will flow to where it is needed. Divine energy will be infused into your vision board until its full manifestation. 

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