Vision 2020 & Beyond:
Creating A Soul - Aligned Vision Board

Where did 2020 go? This is not a question you want to be asking or trying to be answering in December 2020. This is why I have created for you the Vision 2020 & Beyond: Creating a Soul-Aligned Vision Board Workshop. This is an exclusive opportunity for self-driven individuals who are seeking a life of bliss and freedom from life’s shackles. Intention-driven souls who are ready to BE, DO and HAVE what they are called to BE, DO and HAVE, without inhibition, regret, fear of judgment, criticism or failure. It is especially for YOU if you are:

  • Frustrated by a life of guesswork, of hoping and praying that maybe, just maybe this is the year when a miracle finally happens or lady luck strikes and your fairy godmother shows up, and your life is transformed like Cinderella;
  • Always wondering how others made it from rags to riches and now seem to have it all;
  • Kind of know what you want out of life but get overwhelmed by all the moving parts as life’s distractions keep taking you off track, and then before you know it, you’ve lost focus; 
  • Just want a quick and easy way to keep track of your dreams and desires and develop actions to keep you focused.
  • Discouraged by the habit of making new year resolutions every year but end up abandoning them by the second week of February, just like 80% of everyone else. Yet you know that you are not everyone else, you are built for more, if only you can find a way of having what you want.
  • Open to becoming something out of life, become visible to yourself and desire to make a bigger impact in the world;
  • Dreams big dreams that you want to bring to life so badly, but are afraid of being judged and criticized;
  • You need motivation to take you through each day, week, month and year, yet it appears you give up even before you start 
  • Know deep inside that it is time to embrace yourself fully, own your dreams and bring them into your reality by aligning your soul desires with your vision; 

Vision 2020 & Beyond: Creating a Soul-Aligned Vision board workshop is a powerful life and life changing experience, that will have you take back control of your life. You will begin to experience shifts in your life as soon as you complete your vision board, activate it, and set the wheels in motion to bring it to life! 

This is what Steve Harvey said about vision boards, “I don’t know anybody wealthy who don’t have a vision board. Scripture says, write the vision and make it plain. So he who reads it will run to it.” I assure you, a soul-aligned activated vision board will change your life as it changed mine and many others I have shared this beautiful experience with! 

This is how you will benefit from creating your very own vision board.

  • Get absolutely clear and focused on what you want to bring to life in your life;
  • Become excited and motivated to pursue and bring your dreams to life ever single day;
  • Fast track into your future and accelerate it into your present reality.
  • Receive powerful soul downloads on the exact action to take to manifest your desires.
  • Eliminate all self doubt, anxiety and stress related to being unclear on what you want.
  • Upgrade your self belief system, purpose and passion and no one will be able to talk you out of anything you have decided to have in your life.
  • Track your manifestation progress, and you will be able to check things off your list as they manifest! 
  • Unleash your creative juices through the process of creating a vision board, especially if this is a part of you that has not been activated. 
  • Become a better version of yourself that operates from a soul-aligned place and is able to be, do and have what you want out of life.

Vision 2020 &Beyond Workshop, is an opportunity for you to secure your future, learn to infuse your unique signature into the vision board with your energy, while connecting with your desires at the subconscious level.    This magical process summons clarity and activates your Vision Board, bringing your dreams to life.

I cannot wait to have you at the
Vision 2020 & Beyond: Create Your Soul-Aligned Vision Board Workshop
We shall converge in a private Facebook group  On Saturday January  11th, 2020 at 10am MST If you cannot make it that day, the content will be there for you to replay at a later time.
You will have lifetime access to the content.

What others Say about my work

Here’s the thing, …You’re only playing with 5% of your Capacity, Talents, Skills, Brain Power…Most humans over 90% are! Now, imagine you were shown a way to ***stack the odds of success more than 95% in your favor. in just a few short weeks or even days… That’s what Dr Miriam is offering with this Space. Will you take the 95% Power shot or carry on with the 5% Odds? You Get to Choose, and Saying Nothing is a CHOICE STAY EXACTLY Where you are Now. Choose You, Choose to Break Free. 

Julie Sylvia Kalungi – Branding & Social Media Strategist, Business Success Coach – Kalungi Group

My vision board has been one of my treasured possession, it keeps me in line, it keeps those pictures in my mind fresh, it reminds me of what I want and have committed to and above all it brings my individual goals to reality even before I have achieved it. Thank you Miriam Sekandi (Dr) for helping me create my vision board in manner I have never done before!

Maureen Makanza – Entrepreneur


… years ago I used to love the freebie… I found myself not growing with the freebie and I started wondering what I could do to go to the next level in my journey and I met this wonderful lady Miriam Sekandi in her space Break Free Zone. She is a coach, a teacher and a healer…if you are tired of all that bullshit giving yourself excuses of all kind just look out for her, if you want to go through vision board work and get clarity look no further…She is one who will make a difference in your life with all her knowledge. She has made a difference in mine. 

Bonani Ngwenya Mapundu – Fashion Designer – Yanafella

Bring your magic, and lets bring your dreams to life in the Vision 2020 & Beyond Workshop.

Dr. Miriam Sekandi