Energy Toolkit for the Professional-On-The-Go


As a professional-on-the-go, your life is filled with non-stop assignments, endless meetings, tight deadlines, annoying whiny co workers, a grumpy boss and probably a broken coffee maker. Or maybe your boss is absolutely great, your co workers are amazing, and of course you love your job and all the assignments, but at the end of the day, you are completely drained and have nothing to take home to your family. 

You feel irritated, the traffic makes it worse and you ask yourself how long are you going to keep doing this commute! When will you ever feel rested enough? The last time you got a doctor’s note or took some time off, you still didn’t feel refreshed by the time you went back to work! You didn’t even get anything done at home. You just ended up sitting around, catching up with your latest movie series, and got nothing productive done! 

I get you! I know exactly how you feel because this was me for a long time before I learned the energetic tools that I use to survive a busy day at work! Over the years I have acquired a combination of energy healing and mastery tools that help me immediately shift my energy when I feel off, both at home and in the work place. I have put a combination of these tools into the Professional-on-the-go toolkit, to share with you.

My Professional-on-the-go kit will provide you with energetic health tools to that you can incorporate throughout your day. This tool kit contains;

  •  Morning energy focused exercises to ground you, sharpen your focus, keep you motivated, cleanse and detox your body from the toxin build up that occurs while you sleep;
  • On-the-go exercises that you can use during your commute at work, during breaks, that keep you centred in the midst of a complex assignment, while you talk on the phone, during a meeting, and when overwhelmed and stressed;
  • End of the day exercises to reset, recharge, refreshen and energize you as you prepare to interact with friends and/or family. You will also receive tools to help you wind down for the day, and ensure you have a good night’s sleep and wake up energized and ready to start the day.
These exercises when introduced into your day, will become a part of your daily life and you will not have to over think anything to make them work. They eventually become your lifestyle and you can introduce them to other areas of your life.


  • Increased focus and productivity which will provide you greater job satisfaction;
  • Improved self esteem and confidence and not be intimidated by assignments; 
  • Experience increased happiness and contentment with the work environment;
  • A greater sense of calm, clarity and contentment in the work place;
  • Become a trusted professional and receive privileged and positive attention;
  • Boosted professional identity and growth as a leader and professional;
  • Increased independence and control of your personal and professional affairs;
  • Attract more financial opportunities and promotions;
  • Increased opportunities to exercise your creativity;
  • Reduced feelings of negativity in the workplace resulting in job satisfaction;
  • Eliminate feelings of fear, overwhelm, stress and anxiety;
  • Better and deeper sleep experience;
  • Positive and intimate family and friend interactions. 

Get Your Professional-On-The-Go Tool Kit

Do not feel the need to implement all the techniques at once! Start with a few that you badly need, then as you master them, you can slowly introduce other tools as you go.