I am honoured to be your Earth Guide on this Sacred Journey of Holistic Transformational Healing. On this journey I will empower you to initiate and witness change in your life through inner exploration and self discovery, expansion and  growth, healing and divine transformation . 

Do any of these resonate with you?

TTapping into the inner self

  • Random panic attacks, stress and overwhelm;
  • Pain, trauma and maybe abuse from past experiences;
  • Low desire to fully commit to relationships, no one seems the right fit;
  • Anxiety that prevents you from pursuing what you want in life;
  • Holding back from being or doing what you want because you are afraid of what others will think of you
  • Unexplainable physical pain in various parts of the body;
  • Constant fatigue despite long hours of sleep and rest
  • Lack of motivation to do anything in your personal or professional life;
  • Incomplete projects lying around due to diminished creativity
  • Irritation and no desire to interact with anyone, you just want to be left alone; 
  • Little or sporadic income that never seems to meet all your needs;
  • Hate your job, bosses, co workers;
  • Too much loss in your life, you don’t feel like life is worth living.

Let me assure you that there is NOTHING wrong with you. I get exactly how you feel. I felt the same when I did not have the energetic tools and mindset to change my circumstances. I had to allow myself to mourn, heal and then summon the courage to STOP!  I then DECIDED to change how I looked at life. I took responsibility for my part in my circumstances, and that’s when I was able to move forward on the path to transformation. 

Now that you know what is going on, here is why you are allowing your circumstances to play tricks on you;

  • You are enjoying the attention that others give you every time you tell your story;
  • You are afraid that if you decide to change your circumstances, your friends and family will judge you and may be not want to interact with you because they think you are crazy;
  • You fear the unknown which is probably what you know will be exposed when you do the work;
  • You have been told time and again how to be and what to do that you don’t even remember what what you want to be or do;
  • You don’t seem to be attracting healthy relationships so you think you are a lost cause;
  • Your financial situation doesn’t reflect the efforts you put into your work;
  • You don’t even know what your life purpose or mission is;
  • You have no time to put into personal development because you have others to take care of;
  • You don’t even understand why you should invest in personal development;

I hear you! I get you! And you feel deep down that there is a a higher calling on your life. If only you can crack the code on how to chuck the fear aside,  and take that giant step towards your transformation by ruffling a few feathers as possible.  You badly want that life of freedom, happiness and abundance. You are done getting caught in the vicious cycle of excuses, overwhelm, lack and stuckness. You know there’s more to you! IT IS TIME to step out of the shadows, unshackle yourself and heed to your calling. IT IS TIME to align yourself with, and claim your true identity and life purpose. 

Take a chance of yourself, take the plunge and do whatever it takes to make your life work for you. Be willing to let go of societal beliefs that do not resonate with you. Stop second guessing yourself and learn to trust your intuition. You deserve so much more and will receive and achieve it when you get out of your way. Past experiences, programming and conditioning will no longer have a grip on your life. You will connect with your inner power and dismantle any recurring patterns that are overshadowing your sacred gifts and the magical life waiting for you on the other side. 

Today you have an opportunity to break free from those shackles, allow yourself to heal the past and transform your life completely.  When you shift your mindset, a new dimension of awareness will unfold for you. You will align with divine power and courage to face your fears, let go of all that you have held on to, learn to love your life a new, manifest your deepest desires and dreams and you will break free! 

This program is specifically designed to enable you to:

  • Experience joy and bliss of a life free from past traumas, pain, fears and limiting beliefs; 
  • Live life in your full magic and power without the programming, conditioning and patterns that have overshadowed who you really are at your core;
  • Activate your self-love with appropriate processes and practices;
  • Receive and practice energetic tools and practices  to activate, balance and maintain your body, mind and soul;  
  • Recognize your self-worth, utilize your intuition, and creative gifts and abilities you have always had within you, to pursue your life purpose;
  • Upgrade your mindset to unlock a life of clarity, focus and abundance.
  • Learn to connect with your emotional body and unblock any lurking resistance.
  • Attract healthy and meaningful relationships that appreciate you at the core
  • Clear your channels and connect easily with your spiritual team for guidance.  

Ask Yourself- "Am I Ready To Shift?"
And if the answer is "YES!" 
Here is more of what you get in the 3 month program:

  • 2 sessions a month top allow you to integrate the content;
  • Bi-weekly Voxer support;
  • Energy clearings to heal your past traumas, eliminate fear and procrastination, and shift energetic blocks stored in your cellular memory;
  • A tool-kit with sacred self-care and  healing practices for protection, grounding centering and balanced;  
  • Guided spiritual readings to keep you connected and aligned with your life purpose; 
  • Journal exercises to help you with your soul guidance.
  • Custom style vision board road map to manifesting your personal goals and dreams 
  • Intuitive Positive Parenting Program: Heal You, Your Child and Your Relationships