A sacred journey to a life of stillness, meaning and purpose through a transformative state of mental awareness.

Discover how to improve your relationships with God, your divine higher self and others around you.

Transform your life:
Adopt a mindful lifestyle through meditation

On this journey, you will gain a grounded and in-depth understanding of: 
  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation;
  • The core principles of mindful meditation is and why it is important;
  • The origin or history of mindful meditation;
  • Building your mindful meditation muscle and maintain awareness throughout your day
  • How to control your feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations with mindful meditation
  • How to live in the now moment and eliminate worry with calm, clarity and focus
  • Incorporating mindfulness in your faith or religion  
  • A variety of mindful meditation and breathing practices
  • How to improve relationships through active listening.
  • Improving your health (anxiety, stress, isomnia, depression etc) through mindful meditation 
  • Living a centered, fulfilled and peaceful lifestyle 

This training is offered mainly to groups.
Contact Dr Miriam to discuss further.