A Guided Self – Discovery Virtual Fire-Side Experience

with Dr. Miriam Sekandi

From birth, you’ve lived your life according to rules set by others. As you’ve grown, society conditioning defines what’s acceptable to be male or female,  woman or man, husband or wife. And you’ve followed these rules as the gospel truth. Most people don’t question these rules. They accept to be defined and labelled.

As a child I was taught to be seen but not heard, to sit a certain way, to learn how to run a home because one day I would be a wife. I was not even allowed to speak unless spoken to! And when I spoke, I had to be appropriate or provide the correct response, or I risked getting into trouble! Does this ring any bells for you?

Then I Went Rogue...

Of course I got into alot of trouble because I was a rule breaker! I always dared to be different. I strove to do what lit up my soul. I fought to be me! The real me was not the generic person that society sought to reproduce. I rejected that! I was dubbed crazy, stubborn, disrespectful, all the bad girl labels! But I wanted to be authentic

Most of my peers accepted the status quo and complied with the expectations, and were considered well behaved.. Today, people like those are struggling with trying to break free from those societal expectations. Many are searching for their inner fire. But they fear the unknown. When you are used to being punished for not following rules, receiving punishment is expected. So they wonder what lies in wait for them in the unknown!

This is why I created the Break Free Zone. A space for individuals who are ready to live life on their terms. Open to questioning and rejecting rules that don’t make sense to who they are and what they stand for. Rules that just don’t resonate with their dreams and goals. In the Zone, you have an opportunity to learn how to let loose, dig deep and remember who you were meant to be before society imposed its expectations onto you. Before you got swept up into the “Keeping up appearances” game. This is a place where your soul’s fire, passion and purpose will be lit! Where you can go rogue in our SELF-DISCOVERY VIRTUAL FIRE-SIDE EXPERIENCE

You Too Can Go Rogue!

You have suppressed a lot. Enough with playing small. You cannot keep sacrificing your soul or losing yourself. You deserve better. You deserve to wake up to a magically transformed life. A life of your dreams. You don’t have to be restless. Longing to be set free while being afraid of freedom  It is time to unlock the power within you! It is time to play full out! To show up with full authenticity.

You have an opportunity to show up as YOU. But you are unsure how. You are scared to rock the world around you. Yet your intuition dares you to rock your world. You are ready for life to finally make sense, so you can take charge of how it unfolds. You want to be the driver of your life! Guided by your higher-self, God, Universe or that Higher Power that you believe in.

Do not fret! You are in luck! This is why the GOING ROGUE – A SELF DISCOVERY VIRTUAL FIRE-SIDE EXPERIENCE awaits your decision. Burn up those limiting beliefs and untruths that have let you down and held you back. In this group we shall challenge those popular beliefs, and cultivate alternative ways in which you will break free and identify what makes you, uniquely YOU.

You will reconnect with your authentic yourself, rediscover your divine gifts,  learn to put yourself first in your daily conversations, decisions and activities, recognize what has held you back from stepping up and out as the powerful being you are, and  you will reclaim your life with this newly rediscovered path.

You too also learn how to tell and use your story to unshackle yourself from whatever is holding you back . Through channeling from Source you will receive personalized guidance on how to move forward and together we shall craft your next action steps to get you closer to a holistic life of purpose and passion..

Much as I was a rule breaker, I did it because I realized that the only way to be fully me, was to escape from socially imposed jail! Home felt like prison, where nothing I did seemed to elicit a positive response from the elders, school felt like jail, where punishments were dished out like meals, and the neighborhood in which I grew up was a snitch jungle! Everything I did out in the community was reported to my parents! And of course I was punished to put me back in line! It didn’t work! But, I was suffocating and couldn’t take it anymore. I needed out!  The only way out was to break free!! And I did. I went rogue!!

I then decided to be in my own corner. I ditched all rules. Rule followers didn’t want to be near or around or be associated with me. It worked! Yet as I repelled people, I also attracted attention for being different and playing by my own rules. I then became a bit of an outcast. This gave me the precious time I needed to reflect on what all of this meant. Going rogue allowed me to emerge.

I know this may sound too much for you. You even wonder if you have the guts to go rogue! Well, guess what? YOUR VERSION OF ROGUE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE MINE!!! Yet I can show you how to step out of the box in YOUR OWN way and become YOUR OWN VERSION OF ROGUE. A version that allows you to embrace all your gifts, your crazy especially the suppressed version of you is ready to break free. 

This experience is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a fireside experience for a reason! We heat up the blocks in your path and limiting beliefs and throw them in the fire! They are transmuted into what we shall need to move forward. It’s a group format because we all need support. To know we are not alone in our corner. It wasn’t fun being alone for me. It was scary! The labels and whispering behind my back hurt! I doubted who I was! I had no one to cheer me on, so I sometimes succumbed to the pressure and back slid to follow the mainstream beliefs even when I knew deep inside, that I disagreed.

You don’t have to back slide! I am here to hold space for you and to cheer you on as you take your life back and stand fully in your strength and power.  Am here to guide you on how you integrate the new you with your everyday life, career and relationships. You will learn how to ignite your relationships, how to fire up the career of your dreams and how to manifest the abundance that has evaded you all this time because you are not standing in your power.

Sooooo, consider a 2-3 hr virtual fire side group experience! Every Friday at 8pm MST starting Friday October 18th, 2019! We gather in a private zoom call, recordings will be shared with the day’s attendees only each week via email. Attending weekly will enable you to absorb and integrate the information, ask questions and share your growth with the group as desired. Each session will be paid for separately. Regular attendees (3 or more sessions) will be able to purchase missed sessions.

I personally wish I had a group like this when I was suffocating! Even after I awakened and my defiance made so much sense as me being just me, I wished for a space where I could share my shenanigans. So I will also have a separate free facebook group for all participants where I will be holding Q & As. Participants will have an opportunity to Go Rogue in a safe space where they can start getting comfortable with their new found strength and power. If you are ready to Go Rogue, you are welcome to join me every Friday starting October 18th, 2019 at 8pm MST. Click here to go rogue weekly!!!

PSS. You will need your journal, a note pad and a pen – all in your favorite colors…except maybe the note pad!

Not sure if this weekly event is for you? Afraid to be part of a group and prefer a 1:1? 


The massive breakthrough you are about to experience will change your life! Only you are responsible for this growth. I am simply a Lighthouse. Leading you ashre.